Satisfied Roto-Star customers share their experiences

“We’re really happy with the Roto-Star III benchtop positioners. They are very useful tools. They save operator time and enable us to make consistent, quality welds.

“We’re a custom fabrication shop and we weld a lot of pipe as well as miscellaneous smaller components. It would be really hard to do rotary welds by hand and get the same results. Without the Roto-Star we’d need to turn parts by hand or fix up some kind of turning apparatus. Obviously, those would not be efficient solutions.

“The adjustable controller speed is very convenient and makes the Roto-Star easy to operate. The graduated adjustment—from 0 to 90 degrees (in 15-degree increments)—is also really advantageous.

“Most of the components we use clamp onto the chuck, but sometimes we have irregular-shaped parts that we need to weld and the faceplate proves valuable in those instances

“I’d give the Roto-Star III an ‘A’ for duability. I’ve never had to do any major repair on them. Ever.

“Many of our operators have never worked without the Roto-Star. They’d be pretty lost without it. It’s proven to be an indispensable tool for us.”

Jim Dunn
Maintenance Mechanic
Marks Brothers
Boring, Oregon

“I am the office manager for Ronnie Hopkins Enterprises in Duncan, South Carolina. For the past 30 years, our company has built thousands of premier quality race-car chassis for NASCAR teams.

We utilize several Roto-Star III rotary welding positioners from Starley Manufacturing and they are integral tools in our manufacturing shop. They enable us to have uninterrupted welds on round components. This saves us time, guarantees consistency, and ensures high quality welds.

We’ve been using the Roto-Star for four or five years and they’ve really held up. There’s nothing like them and they’ve proven invaluable to our production of quality chassis.

Many different NASCAR teams and drivers have enjoyed winning performances thanks to the Roto-Star III and the chassis of Ronnie Hopkins Enterprises.

I’m very glad to provide a testimonial for the Roto-Star III.”

James Compton
Office Manager
Ronnie Hopkins Enterprises
Duncan, South Carolina

“Clackamas Tool Welding purchased its first Roto-Star in 1994. Since then we have purchased five more—two Micro-Stars and three Roto-Star III units.

“These machines are very valuable tools in our shop. Every Roto-Star has a three-jaw chuck, which is very beneficial with the welding parts entered through the rear of the machine and purging parts from the end of the machine.

“The machines save us time and enable our welders to turn out beautiful welds every time. They are very sturdy and feature a variable speed control in any rotation. Using a large Roto-Star positioner enabled us to weld a large steel frame without requiring manual handling.”

Matt Noreen
Clackamas Tool Welding, Inc.
Clackamas, Oregon


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