Roto-Star I

The original precision
rotary benchtop welding positioner

Tackle a wide range of projects—from pipe fittings to tubes and chassis

Take hold of the most versatile benchtop welding positioner on the market and enhance your weld productivity and quality.

The six-inch-diameter three-jaw self-centering chuck accepts parts of virtually any length through its unique 1.5-inch spindle opening. For larger stock, simply reverse the chuck jaws, and attach pieces that measure up to six inches on the outside diameter.

For further flexibility, you can weld parts in the horizontal or vertical positions—or in 15-degree increments from 0 to 90 degrees.

Engineered for ease of operation

The Roto-Star I was designed and created by a high-tech welder with years of real-world shop experience. You’ll greatly appreciate its easy, straightforward operation.

The state-of-the-art motor controller lets you vary spindle RPM and select forward or reverse rotation. The standard start/stop foot pedal quickly attaches to the controller, freeing your hands to concentrate on your weld.

The Roto-Star I is safely and securely grounded by a continuous brush contact on the back of the spindle. All drive gear and electrical controls are completely enclosed for operator protection.

Precision welds every time

The Roto-Star I is ideal for both aluminum and stainless steel applications.

The heavy-duty motor runs on direct current and delivers smooth and accurate spindle rotation. Make positive starts and stops without coasting or backlash.

Durable and dependable

The heavy aluminum base of the Roto-Star I supports a variety of pieces and you can securely mount it to a grounded surface. The unit easily accommodates parts up to 100 pounds in the horizontal position and up to 200 pounds in the vertical position.

The Oilite spindle bushings also enhance durability by automatically lubricating the spindle with every revolution.

Most Roto-Star I machines that were sold in 1994—when our company was founded—still remain in productive operation today.

Optional 12-inch faceplate

The 360-degree rotation of the Roto-Star I enables continuous welds, eliminating unnecessary operator movement and repositioning of the material. If you’re welding large or irregular shaped materials, we offer an optional 12-inch faceplate that easily attaches to the Roto-Star I.

The faceplate is machined from solid aluminum and provides a durable work surface that’s suitable for most welding applications. The faceplates feature reference rings for quick part positioning and tapped holes for secure clamping.

If you wish, you can order the Roto-Star I with the faceplate permanently attached, without a three-jaw chuck.

Optional motors

You can order the Roto-Star I with a range of optional motors that deliver speeds from 2.9 - 38 RPM; the standard speed is 10 RPM.

Call us to discuss your welding requirements and we’ll incorporate the appropriate motor into your Roto-Star I. That will ensure that your unit delivers the optimal peripheral speed for your application.

Roto-Star I
Features and Specifications
Six-inch-diameter three-jaw chuck with reversible jaws
1.5-inch-diameter through-spindle opening
16-inch swing in horizontal position
100-lb. capacity, horizontal
200-lb. capacity, vertical
1-10 RPM standard spindle speed (slower or faster speeds optional)
Jitter-free movement
15-degree tilt increments from 0 to 90 degrees
Spindle rotation: 360 degrees
300-amp weld-current capacity
Standard start/stop foot pedal
Optional variable-speed foot pedal
Optional 12-inch-diameter rotary plate
Available in 110V or 220V
Shipping weight: 70 lbs.
Full one-year warranty

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State-of-the-art motor controller lets you vary spindle RPM and select forward or reverse rotation. Standard start/stop foot pedal frees your hands to concentrate on your weld.

Optional 12-inch faceplate for welding large or irregular-shaped materials. Also available with faceplate permanently attached, without three-jaw chuck.

Optional motors available with speeds from 2.9 - 38 RPM.

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